Have you experienced a nightmare building story?

Or things didn’t go as smoothly as you were promised? What were your issues…

– Job costs blowing out with variation after variation

– Sites left empty for extended periods of time

– Slow progress with scheduled completion dates pushed again & again

– Builder not returning emails or answering calls

– Poor quality workmanship

Any of this sound familiar?

It’s not uncommon to hear that building is stressful, draining and might turn your hair grey!

It is exactly this stigma that we are endeavouring to change in a new age approach to the residential building process & have an impeccable track record to prove it.

Imagine building your dream home within budget, on time & with unparalleled quality workmanship all the while guided along the way without headaches to the point you actually enjoyed the process and wanted to do it all again!



Our name says it all.

We aren’t just a company with employees, we are a group of like-minded individuals who roll out of bed each day with a smile on our face sharing a common vision to create something beautiful.


It’s more than just building homes for us, it’s the memories, enjoyment, satisfaction & fun we have along the way together. The journey resonates with our clients just as much as it does throughout Tass Construction Group as a whole.

We are proud of our team – from the ground up we instil a culture based on trust, respect & comradery.

We have sourced and use the best sub-contractors. They’re not just subbies, they’re partners. They are an integral part of the Tass Construction Group and operate in line with our culture, values and expectations.


BEN TASS | director

Ben’s carpentry skills were recognised from a young age. He flourished through his apprenticeship, receiving accolades for exceptional results whilst obtaining his qualifications which include a Certificate III in Carpentry & Certificate IV in Building and Construction. Ben was mentored by highly experienced builders who hammered the definition of quality into him from the early on-set. For the last 11 years he has honed his craftsmanship and progressed to manage a vast array of construction projects.

Ben is a perfectionist who takes great pride in his work. Drawing from experience in the high-end residential sector, he is driven by his passion for design and innovation. Utilising his imagination and creative thinking with a focus on precision and finer detail, he offers insightful concepts and produces impressive results with a vision to transform homes & a commitment to creating lifestyles.

Ben has an extremely personable nature and develops great relationships across the board with clients, subcontractors and suppliers. He is in charge of the construction management for each job, including general site supervision and the coordination of all employees & trades. Ben handles all on-site functions including material purchases & deliveries, equipment/machinery, resolving site challenges and site safety. He is accountable for resource management and ensuring projects run smoothly day in and day out.


AARON TASS | director

Aaron holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree with Honours as well as a Masters in Engineering Management.

He has had experience in both public and private sectors with a background in civil & structural engineering, on site project engineering, surveying and project management in developments ranging from small residential works up to multi-storey mixed use developments and large industrial subdivisions.

Aaron handles the general management of the business and is responsible for the project delivery of each job. Aaron plans & organises all aspects of the building process including scheduling, programming, negotiating, authority & stakeholder liaison, engaging contractors and contract administration. He holds the responsibility in ensuring the project deliverables are consistently being met including deadlines and budgets.




It’s all about the bigger picture.

We all share a common vision and day in day out set out to make a difference.

Your probably thinking - aren’t we just building houses?

That may be true however those houses turn into much more. 

Our mission at Tass Construction Group is to ‘customise homes, change lifestyles & create memories.

Our greater purpose extends further than just building homes that we love. We are Accredited HIA GreenSmart Professionals and are committed to improving the environmental performance of Australia’s building industry. We are working towards facilitating a change in the industry’s approach to housing & are improving best practice environmental management integration into normal building practice.

We also want to raise awareness for important issues, support the community, get behind fundraisers and give back where we can. We are an active work placement host employer for local high school students and involved in charities including the Make a Wish Foundation, TradeMutt & Beyond Blue. We work in a largely male dominated industry and are a proud supporter of fostering positive mental health. Globally, every minute, a man dies by suicide. We know that men are at greatest risk of suicide, but least likely to seek help. In Australia, 75% of suicides are men and men are more likely to die by suicide than skin cancer.

These are the statistics we are hoping to help change. Approximately 75% of people who seek help are able to improve notably, and we like to think we’re helping the much needed social and cultural shift that makes talking about mental health not only acceptable, but encouraged.