Is it just about the build?

What is your favourite restaurant? Why do you go there? Is it just the food?

Building your new home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your life, not just in monetary terms, but also your time and lifestyle/living arrangements. What most people learn shortly after commencing their first new home or renovation is that there is a lot more to building than just construction. There are a lot of moving parts; selections, budgets, compliance, scheduling, subcontractors, neighbours, procurement, deliveries, management & monitoring – the list is endless.

Providing a quality product goes without saying and just like all the good restaurants available, to say we are the only builders producing high quality builds would be a lie. We won’t harp on about how great we are… the proof is in the pudding. 

We take it one step further. If you have built before, you will know that when reflecting at the end of the build, it’s usually the experience of the process that is remembered, with either negative or positive emotions. We’re not just providing a high-end product to our clients. We measure the success of a project based on the seamless and enjoyable experience that our clients have had, as much as we do on the quality of our finishes. 

Oh, and we guarantee this. Literally. 

Putting our money where our mouth is

We provide the opportunity to experience a journey that gives peace of mind through the guarantees of price, time & quality;



We guarantee a completion date. We are so confident that if we don’t finish on time, we will pay you for every day we go over up to $500 per week.



We will offer you an all-inclusive fixed price with no hidden costs.



Our care doesn’t stop when the building works do, we extend our cosmetic warranty period well beyond the legal requirements to prove how serious we are with the quality of our product.

As with anything like this there are some minor terms and conditions but there is no need for a high speed recorded message - It really is that simple!

As a client of Tass Construction Group you will also be given access to an on online portal whereby you will be able to view in real time daily progress reports, photos, running summaries and schedules with complete transparency.



We are the company changing the stigma around building.

Our specialty is custom new builds & high-end renovations in the beautiful suburbs of Sydney. For us, the perfect product just isn’t enough. Our clients deserve much more than that.

We offer design & construct services or if you already have plans, we can provide guidance and quote from these.

Equipped with a new-age style spearheaded with innovation & creativity, we like to push the boundaries by straying from traditional methods and exploring the use of new technologies to unlock unimaginable possibilities and transform your dream.

Anyone can make a claim on quality, but few define it. For us, it is a combination of the process and the outcome.


The future is here……. 

Imagine being able to see every detail of your house before its built. The wait is over, throw out your paper plans & click below for our innovative virtual reality offering.